International Jazz Day Global Concert 2018

The concert will take place at the New Stage in the Mariinsky Theater

In 2018, the All-Star Global Concert of the International Jazz Day for the seventh time will unite hundreds of cultures, languages ​​and musical styles, bringing together the most famous jazzmen from all over the world on one stage. The Concert traditionally will be held in one of the most iconic places, which has a cultural and historical value both for the host country and its people and for the entire world community. In 2017 Global Concert was hosted by the capital of Cuba, and the event took place on the stage of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso – one of the world’s leading performing arts centers and the oldest theater in Latin America. This year “All-Star Global Concert” is hosted for the first time by the Cultural Capital of Russia – the city of St. Petersburg. The concert will take place at the New Stage in the Mariinsky Theater.

“Mariinsky-2”, which was built in 2013, is one of the most equipped theater and concert venues in the world. The Times writes about Mariinsky-2: “The auditorium is excellent: like Glyndebourne’s bigger brother, with light wood balconies, fine acoustics and superb sightlines. Backstage the theatre is a city in itself: linked by various passages, the stages, workshops and rehearsal rooms … Here it is possible to work on five productions at the same time or with the click of a mouse bring huge sets onstage “. Although it is a modern auditorium, it is based on the same principles as in the famous opera houses of the 18th and 19th centuries: a curved shape in the form of a horseshoe and three tiers of balconies. It is this configuration that provides the atmosphere, the best acoustics and the perfect view. “Mariinsky-2” together with the main building of the Academic Mariinsky Theater, built in 1860, and the Concert Hall is an integral part of the unique theater and concert complex, which has almost no analogues in the world.