Jazz Philharmonic Hall
(St. Petersburg, Zagorodny prospect, 27)

Date/TimeEventTicket price/RUB
April 5, 19:00Beat-band of Haifa" (Israel) with the participation of soloists from St. Petersburg’s children's art school from 800
April 9, 19:00David Goloshchekin presents: Marjorie Barnes vocals (USA), "Jazz Philharmonic Orches-tra" by Kirill Bubyakin and soloists of St. Petersburg jazz. Special guest: Marjorie Barnes vocals (USA)from 300
April 18, 19:00Caspar Van Wijk Quartet (the Netherlands - Russia).from 1600
April 22, 19:00Dmitry Baevsky Quintet and Fabien Mary (France-Russia).from 1600
April 24, 19:00Adam Ben Ezra (double bass) - Israelfrom 1200
April 30, 19:00International Jazz Day. All-Star Global Concertfrom 1400

(St. Petersburg, Griboedov channel, 7)

Date/TimeEventTicket price/RUB
April 8, 20:00Jazz septet. Dedication to Charles Mingusfrom 400

(St. Petersburg, Pirogovskaya embankment, 5/2)

Date/TimeEventTicket price /RUB
April 13, 20:00Jazz Night music showfrom 700

White Night Music Joint
(St. Petersburg, Fontanka river embankment, 59)

Date/TimeEventTicket price /RUB
April 28, 20:00Marina Malysheva Quintetfrom 350
April 29, 20:00Viola Jazz Quartetfrom 350
April 30, 20:00AMELIE ACOUSTIC TRIOfrom 350

JFC Jazz Club
(St. Petersburg, Shpalernaya street, 33)

Date/TimeEventTicket price /RUB
April 28, 19:30ELECTRIC PROJECT by Andrey Kondakov. Special guest: Amy Peters (vocals)from 600
April 29, 15:30Oleg Nasonov project "Manifestations"from 500
April 29, 19:30Andrey Ryabov and Andrey Kondakovfrom 600
April 30, 19:30«Easy Winners Ragtime Band»from 600

Dom 7
(St. Petersburg, Griboedov channel, 7)

Date/TimeEventTicket price /RUB
April 28, 21:30Daniel Nikitin QuartetFree entry
April 28, 23:30Alexander Dovgopoly projectFree entry
April 29, 21:30Anastasia Lyutova (vocals) / Moscow and Andrei Blinchevsky QuartetFree entry
23:30Sergey Dolzhenkov QuintetFree entry
April 30, 21:30Dmitry Ilugdin TrioFree entry
April 30, 23:30Sasha Mashin QuartetFree entry

The Hat
(St. Petersburg, Belinskogo street, 9)

Date/TimeEventTicket price /RUB
April 28-30, 22:00Jam sessionFree entry

(St. Petersburg, Kazanskaya street, 7)

Date/TimeEventTicket price/RUB
April 27 - 7 p.m.Joander Santos (Brasil)From 700
April 28 - 7 p.m.Sweet Hot Jazz BandFrom 700
May 4 - 7 p.m.Olga Abdullina EnsembleFrom 700

Dance studio Salsa Plus
(St. Peterburg, Ligovsky Avenue, 50 bld.6)

Date/TimeEventTicket price/RUB
April 28/00:00
Changito band (Latin jazz & salsa)From 400